What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an effective way of replacing missing teeth. These are secured in the jaw bone and provide stable support for artificial teeth. These implants help to secure dentures and bridges and are not visible once securely placed and more. 
A dental implant can be performed in a single sitting but a biological procedure called Osseointegration is the basis for modern dental implants, titanium forming the base for the procedure. It is a process in which the implant anchors to the jawbone.

What are the different kinds of Dental Implants?

Endosteal: Endosteals (endosseous) are most commonly used for two-stage implants; placed in the jawbone. They consist of Titanium that looks like small screws, cylinder type or blade type.
Subperiosteal: Subperiosteal implants are made intact under the gums but on, or above, the jawline. These are frequently used in the absence of healthy jawbone and as an alternative to bone augmentation. They are used for single stage dental implants. They aid to hold the dentures in place for patients who have insufficient bone height.

Who is a good candidate for Dental Implants?

You could have one or more missing teeth due to injury, decay, and infection or congenital defects. Missing teeth can place you at a fear of denture slips and clicks that scare you from eating food because of bite problems or pain. An implant is a smart treatment choice for adults who want a permanent solution to missing teeth. They are a good option for adolescents if facial growth and development have taken place.

How to take care of Dental Implants?

The care that implants require is similar to the care taken for natural teeth. Daily brushing, flossing, use of antibacterial mouthwash and regular checkups are recommended.

For how long do implants last?

Implants have a very high success rate. The lifespan of dental implants depends on where the implant is located. Usually, dental implants last for about 10-15 years given that proper care and hygiene standards are maintained. If greater care and efforts are taken, they could even last a lifetime.

What are the benefits of Dental Implants?

With implants, it is not mandatory to reduce teeth like in other procedures. Implants with attached crowns have seen to be an effective means of treating tooth loss. They are the closest you can get to healthy, natural teeth. They help restore your smile. Implants are convenient and durable. Implants are so friendly with food; you can be at ease while munching your favorite delights. Implants are comfortable and allow you to speak without worry.

No more wrinkled lips and dull face that resulted from missing teeth. Your cheery smile will be reflected in every eye that has a glimpse of your smile.

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